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19 year old student at Northern Arizona University studying Photography and most recently Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. Lover of cats, music, naps, and my wonderful boyfriend, Declan. This is likely to be a blog of too many feelings, things related to The Format and Nate, things that I like and things that make me laugh, and some more feelings.



So I started thinking about Elsa’s hair and



In the breathless hush of 4am
In the dark sits a sad cliché
Cloaked in the navy blue of slowly fading stars
So tell me how you came to be
Sleeplessness talk to me
She said over and over again


Tossing, turning, roll away
Indecision won’t you ever make up your
Lifetime, nighttime, wake the day
Cause tomorrow will see if you’ve had your fill of sympathy

" - Glutton of Sympathy (cover by the Format)


A cute pic of me in 100 years


A cute pic of me in 100 years