Sawtooth Mountain.

Towering above a lively valley near Augusta. Thanks, Chris McGowan.


going 2 chipotle




He seems considerate, too. Certainly, he’s the only person I’ve ever interviewed who’s worried that the rustling noise inherent in the transporting of crisps from packet to mouth might affect the quality of my recording. GQ NOV 2013

To @allofsebastianstan and each and every single one of you who contributed to the incredible 17:19 sec video that I just watched, who have written me and who have stood with me through the years then and now…words can not express the immense gratitude that I am feeling. To be alive. To be able to work. To be able to share with you guys that which wouldn’t be possible without you. Through all my times growing up…I have realized…This. Is. What. It’s. All. About. To be able to touch someone else as you all have touched me. If I can promise anything in this ever unpredictable world we are in, it is that I will always do everything in my power to do so and never let you down! Thank you for the constant unconditional support and love!! I stand with you!! Much love! (x)



Me for all of high school

also me on a treadmill

"No one’s life seems great between midnight and 7 a.m. Go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow."

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Chris Pratt for Esquire (USA - September 2014)

I am Groot.

Title: The Receiving End of It All

Artist: Streetlight Manifesto

Played: 1890 times


You beg and plead, but no one here can save you.
Why would they try when they can’t quite save themselves?